Red Wine Barbecue Sauce - 3-Pack

Red Wine Barbecue Sauce - 3-Pack

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This Pacific Northwest inspired Barbecue sauce is a balanced tomato based sauce that is blended with wine for savory, acidic, and rich flavor.

Available as a single 12-ounce bottle.

The wine has a slightly smoky characteristic as it was wine impacted by wildfires in fall of 2020. This wine would have not been available or sold retail due to the slight smoke flavor. So we incorporated the slightly smoky wine into our PNW BBQ sauce.

Flavor profile: 

  • Acidity – The red wine is the first ingredient and it adds a slight acidic flavor to the sauce that is perfect with rich meats. It also has the slight smoke influence from the wine.
  • Spice – Hints of baking spice and cloves gives a richer depth to the sauce. We also added a touch of heat so that there was a nice pop when you first taste it.
  • Sweet – We don’t lean into sweet sauces, so the minimal sugar added to the wine is to balance the savory and wine flavors.
  • Savory – Roasted garlic and onion are a base to add a savory and rich flavor in addition to some (secret) spices. Just kidding – you can see every ingredient all on the label (no secrets here!).
  • Texture – There is real roasted onion and garlic in the recipe and those can come through as small chunks. This adds a more authentic homemade flavor and a nice texture when eating.

Read more about the background on this red wine barbecue sauce.

Perfect for chicken, pork, or lamb. It's a great marinade, glaze, or dipping sauce.